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A critical success factor are our Fittergy Coaches. They offer clients expert and professional support for optimal results. Our Coaches have supported more than 60,000 clients with Sportfasting by Fittergy and/or Vegan Flex by Fittergy.

The shared vision of Fittergy and her Coaches on nutrition, training, and the human body provides impressive results in weight loss, energy increase, and switching from burning sugar to burning fat.

"I have been working with Fittergy's Remco Verkaik for over 18 years, and since 2018 he has been one of my advisors to Orise Vitamins. Remco and his team know how to translate the latest scientific insights into nutrition and supplements. This is very important if you want the best for yourself and your athletes!"

Jac Orie
Trainer/ Coach Jumbo-Visma skating team

"I once read in a newspaper about the Sportfasting by Fittergy method. The title 'Turbotraining of the future' triggered me as a Health Professional. The years before, I was working in the (inter)national football world, and the phenomenon of 'fasting' combined with exercise physiology was unknown to me. That's why I eventually decided to do sportfasting and training myself. After this - hefty - experience I integrated sportfasting by Fittergy into my own lifestyle. It is now one of the two training methods I use in our own Personal Switch studio concepts.”

Richard van Beek
Owner Personal Switch Winterswijk & Fittergy Coach

'In 2016 I decided through Remco Verkaik to do a Sportvasten program myself. I felt so much fitter during - but especially permanently after the training course. The reduction in body weight was a nice bonus. As director of a multidisciplinary healthcare organisation, it was immediately clear to me that Sportvasten by Fittergy is a great addition to the recovery process of our customers.'

Mark Brandsen
Owner TRIAS Physiotherapy & Sports Rehabilitation
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