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We believe that everyone can be fit, healthy, and energetic. Fittergy enables a way of life that 'resets' your body and gives you more energy. A transformation that lets you be your best self. Permanent.

Our team of experts in lifestyle, food technology, and medical biology provide high quality products and programs that are important in today’s culture.

Our products and programs aim to change your energy balance by activating your body's fat-burning process. Through a combination of sports, fasting and coaching, enhanced by carefully developed supplements and plant-based diets, the Fittergy workouts and products create a switch in your metabolism that makes you fitter and healthier.

The result is an energetic, new you, physically and mentally, now and always. Fittergy - Spark Your Energy!

Jeroen Janssen
Production Director
Jan Pieter Stout
Finance & IT Director
Remco Verkaik
R&D Director

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