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EHF Production helps you to translate your idea and/or concept into a tailor-made food supplement. With the help of our EHF Online Formulator, you can compose your supplement and one of our many packaging options. The EHF Production Team is happy to share our years of experience in purchasing, quality, production, and packaging and will be glad to help you!

Using our extensive network of suppliers, we offer a complete portfolio of raw materials. Our production takes place in our advanced clean-rooms in Rotterdam. Your food supplements are made according to HACCP, ISO22000, and FSCC22000 guidelines.

Much due to our trade association, Nature and Health Products Netherlands (NPN), we are always up to date with the latest legislation and regulations. We make all this information available in the Fittergy Online Formulator.

Fittergy Online Formulator
Fittergy Online Formulator

Our unique tool allows you to create your own supplement directly online.

Signature products
Signature products

Considering starting a supplement line? Start now with our signature products, formulated based on the latest scientific insights by Fittergy's Remco Verkaik.

One stop shop
One stop shop

You will be supported in the development of your supplements and concept by the experienced Fittergy team - from raw material to packaging.

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